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Our Secret.

A Little Secret About Us.

Our SEX POSITIVE providers and coaches have experience working with all demographics, genders, sexualities; we work with all human flavors.  

We have been on both sides of fence and we span the spectrum of queer, kink, poly and lifestyle. We have been in your shoes. Let us help you live in OUR shoes now. 

Remember having a vibrant sex life?

Are you just now learning how to have a great sex life?

Are you looking for the perfect partner?

Then you have come to the right place. 

Confidence Building

Building a confident sexual space for each individual to optimal resolution and living. Building strong, intimate, sexual, loving relationships with oneself and partner is a key component of the forever solution.

Confidence seminars will be listed as space is available.

Traditional Sex Therapy

Many traditional therapies are explored as a part of an initial evaluation that include cognitive and behavior modalities. This is meant to be fluid and will evolve with each client. 

Discovering your Sexual Personality

Explore the you that has always been there and open up the gate to all of your dreams! Let us help you discover your whole sexual self. 

Date Coaching

Single and ready to have the best sex of your life? We can help! We offer dedicated date coaching to work with you around the clock to find your perfect "now" partner!

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